OvGU Magdeburg

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is concerned in engineering terms with the research, technical development and production engineering of electrically controlled devices or processes.

In this regard, information technology constitutes the point of connection to computer science. Areas of research focus lie, for example, in medical technology, in which new and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the medicine of the future are developed, and renewable energies, which provide international project opportunities.

The actual field of activities at the chair for EMC (head: Prof. Vick) is very wide. It ranges from the teaching of the fundamentals of electrical engineering for the first semester students, over standard-compliant EMC test and measurements to the comprehensive consulting of industrial partners. Other current topics of interest are the description of the stochastic electromagnetic field coupling to transmission lines, the analysis of harmonics in the mains grid or the investigation of EMC effects in magnetic resonance imaging scanners.