HyTEPS your partner for Power Quality consultancy and troubleshooting, for optimizing the reliability and efficiency of your electrical installation in the Netherlands.

HyTEPS consists of a team of highly qualified and enthusiastic employees. We help organisations to optimize the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of their electrical installation through our knowledge, services and technologically innovative products. As a result many problems, risks of malfunctioning have been resolved or prevented, which additionally results in cost savings and improved efficiency, reliability and safety. Improved energy efficiency is an important factor which contributes to corporate social responsibility.

The basis of our knowledge is formed by the individual education and training of our employees. Years of experience within electrical installations in a broad range of sectors gave us a deeper knowledge and understanding. Every customer, every situation and every problem provides new insights. We use our knowledge and expertise to deliver the best solution to all our relations. In addition, we believe in sharing knowledge as we regularly give lectures and training in our field of expertise Power Quality.

Efficiency is our goal and this applies not only to the efficiency within our own company. We strive to raise the energy efficiency of the electrical systems at all our relations. An optimal electrical energy efficiency reduces energy losses, associated costs and greenhouse gas emissions.