Idea of Cooperation Network

The transformation of the German energy supply in the context of the energy turnaround can only be realized through considerable technological innovations. If the classic energy supply is characterized by central generation with a few generators and a large contribution to short-circuit capacity, a supply network with many decentralized, regenerative feed-in points is now being created.

As a result, the topology of the supply networks changes comprehensively. In most cases, regenerative energy generators feed into the supply network via inverters. Due to the increasing number of decentralized generation plants and the increasing reduction of the short-circuit power, the supply network is becoming more and more susceptible to instabilities.

In addition, the consumer side has also changed very much. Energy-efficient drives are coupled to the supply network by means of converters. As a result, the supply network is burdened with higher frequency components (harmonics) in the mains currents. This, in conjunction with the decentralized feed, further increases the risk of instability.

Based on this, the partners of the cooperation network "Power Quality" found their way to contribute to the improvement of the quality of electrical energy with new approaches and innovative product ideas.


The purpose of the cooperation network is to sensitize a broad public to the topic of power quality and to contribute to the stabilization of the power supply, especially in the low-voltage grid, with the products to be developed. The marketing of these products should at the same time achieve an economic consolidation of the network partners as well as an increase in the turnover of the partners.

Mission statement

The purpose of the cooperation network is to implement the formulated vision through appropriate activities and innovative product developments, thus contributing to the decentralized improvement of electrical energy quality. The network partners treat each other fairly and actively participate in the processes.

The partners work project-oriented in the cooperation network in order to open up new sales potential for both partners and users through their own innovation activities.

Through targeted public relations, the network makes the desired goals and the results achieved accessible to a wide range of interested parties.


The cooperation network aims to comprehensively strengthen and expand the technology base and expertise of the partners in order to develop innovative solutions for ensuring and improving the quality of electrical energy and to successfully place corresponding products, processes and services on the market. The medium-term goal of the partners is to generate added value in the area of power quality.